• 512 CAFE&SWEETS インスタグラム



Grand renewal opened on Saturday, February 25, 2022!



Select cafe,
choosing our ingredients carefully.

Bringing out the finest out of each product & ingredient, chosen through many by freshness, by aroma, and by taste at our select cafe “512CAFE”, our first location located in Tokyo Roppongi , “512CAFE&GRILL”...

This time, as we have been excitedly waiting for, our new second location in Osaka Shinsaibashi as -patissier made cafe & cakes- “512CAFE&SWEETS” is now open! Based mainly for take out services!

Using natural ingredients and products to its fullest, this location is based off of our select cafe “512CAFE”. With additional fruity freshness, we will have you enjoy Japan’s four seasons through our sweets (desserts) at our second location.

Taking the best out of our seasonal ingredients, we dedicate creating each and every dish and drink to it’s luxury, from it’s visual, to it’s scent, by it’s texture, to it’s taste. You can enjoy with your 5 senses, and we will be delivering you a menu that will be leaving your body the experience to remember.


  • Takeout

Enjoy luxurious sweets comfortably,

The high quality take out sweets is, 512CAFE&SWEETS’ recommendable choice on the menu. Enjoy them with a nice beverage of coffee, or even some herb tea.

Bringing out the most from our “best quality ingredients”, the visual of the sweets together will make your body and soul very happy.

Also, the most popular menu from Tokyo Roppongi is right on the take out list too!

And, there is a miracle menu, including collaborations with creators from all over japan to give you a different experience to spend your time.

Eat in

  • About512

A special menu too,
that can only be tasted here

There is only a minimum of 10 seats here for eating inside,
but there is also a special limited eat-in menu that can be experienced here.

Original coffee, Pancake, Japanese sweets, French Toast, and more!
With a wide variety of creator collaborated original menus waiting for you.



2F, 2-1-24 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka


※ Calls may have trouble connecting due to busy hours at open times.

Take out available / Use for Filming & Photography Rental Space Services Available.
※ Please contact us for details when using these services.

Full space rental・Mother lunch party・Welcome party, and other kinds of rental reservation services available.



[Indoors Buisness Hours]
Weekdays: 11:00 〜 19:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 11:00 -19:00

* Pancake/Drink is available for order within all business hours.
* There are menus you can order within specific hours.
* The Cafe may close, or buisness hours may change due to Space rental or Event reservations.

Regularly Closed day: No regular holiday